MIXvoip S.A.


MIXvoip S.A. is owned by MIXvoip S.A… what a surprise there is a company that is not owned by some corporation. Some small corporations like Corpoinvest have invested in the project but don’t own the biggest share.


About MIXvoip

MIXvoip is a regulated  telecom provider and is one of the new players on the European market. As such they rely on innovations and unique proposals. Some of the features like VOIP for mobile that is not using any data connection are quite amazing. The aggressive innovative marketing and pricing tactics seem to be working as they are expanding fast. Lets hope they don’t forget to expand the blog as well

This is how they describe themselves:

“MIXvoip, regulated telecom provider, develops sells and installs Cloud hosted VoIP telephone exchanges and internal telephone infrastructures for business customers. Based on an attractive and competitive offer, advanced technology, and quality of service.”