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BIZX is a media company and web publisher, a really highly profitable publisher at that. They own and operate hundreds of popular websites and portals all the way from travel to tech and telecommunications. You can see that a big fish is towing  Voip Review’s boat.

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VoipReview.org is shopping and information website mostly for middle to small business VoIP providers. On the website you can can search for and compare different VoIP providers and plans, to find out which one is best for your needs. Also the information provided on communication solutions is quite impressive. And here is what they think of themselves:

“VoipReview.org is the market leader in the VoIP search business. We pioneered the concept of comparing VoIP service providers and were the first to bring that concept to the Internet. We are constantly innovating our site and establishing new relationships with broadband phone company providers (VoIP providers), bringing even more options to the consumer. We are continuously adding information on VoIP and more efficient search tools to make our site easier to understand and use.”

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